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White & blue, bleu et blanc forever and tous les jours - Olivier bleu, Fleur’t bleu, Latitudes bleu, Fire blue, Vignes, La Bocca  Bleu, Nymphea white 
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Subtle Bastille Day celebration on the Bridge with Capdeco napkin rings, Deshoulieres & Royal Limoges 
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All about silver & chic grey color stainless flatware made in France for understated elegant and modern tables. The 3 collections featured are all dishwasher safe so enjoy everyday.
Let’s focus on .......... CONTY TORTOISE even this crepe looks heavenly inviting. 
French flatware for French dessert - it’s only Fair !!!
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Capdeco brand logo
Featured Products From Post:
Clear acrylic with stainless steel for everyday use. The ZOE collection could feel modern or understated depending on your table setting. 
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