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White & blue, bleu et blanc forever and tous les jours - Olivier bleu, Fleur’t bleu, Latitudes bleu, Fire blue, Vignes, La Bocca  Bleu, Nymphea white 
Want to add some pizzazz to your table?  You can even impress your kids’ friends. I speak of experience!
Paradis Bleu is a collection that EVERYONE loves 
Would you have apple cider donuts with breakfast or teatime? Those days - I say ...  BOTH!!! 
Jason Solarek picture
December 15, 2020 • 09:18 AM
Jason at Bridge:
I have a donut every Saturday AM. please replace my brown bag placemat with this French made plate :)
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Set a casual tablesetting by inviting  nature (LOTS of fern!!) to the table and using our  Nymphea white dinnerware & Altea/Helios ivory flatware 

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