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All about silver & chic grey color stainless flatware made in France for understated elegant and modern tables. The 3 collections featured are all dishwasher safe so enjoy everyday.
Let’s focus on .......... CONTY TORTOISE even this crepe looks heavenly inviting. 
French flatware for French dessert - it’s only Fair !!!
Set a casual tablesetting by inviting  nature (LOTS of fern!!) to the table and using our  Nymphea white dinnerware & Altea/Helios ivory flatware 
Change the mood of your tablescapes by switching flatware - white or black 
White & blue dishes, colorful or 2 tones linens, flatware become playful. CONTY white or blue that is the question!!!
Mix the style and looks, modern Conty white flatware and vintage/classic Paradis Bleu
It is Friday and another peaceful weekend at home so which flatware setting will you be using - FORMAL or CASUAL 
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Jason Solarek picture
March 28, 2020 • 12:19 PM
Jason at Bridge:
I’ve been going thru a lot of more silverware since I’m eating at home a lot more. Your’s would save me from doing the dishes :)
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