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White & blue, bleu et blanc forever and tous les jours - Olivier bleu, Fleur’t bleu, Latitudes bleu, Fire blue, Vignes, La Bocca  Bleu, Nymphea white 
Set a casual tablesetting by inviting  nature (LOTS of fern!!) to the table and using our  Nymphea white dinnerware & Altea/Helios ivory flatware 
Virginie De Toustain picture
Virginie De Toustain at BIA Cordon Bleu
September 11, 2020
Our BYBLOS beechwood collection will keep up the summer holiday feel especially while combined with the SEYCHELLES white collection  
Change the mood of your tablescapes by switching flatware - white or black 
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White & blue dishes, colorful or 2 tones linens, flatware become playful. CONTY white or blue that is the question!!!

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